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Britain Hopes to Strike a Trade Deal with U.S after Brexit, Despite Huawei Dispute

  10 Feb 2020        Business
Britain Hopes to Strike a Trade Deal with U.S after Brexit, Despite Huawei Dispute

Britain’s foreign secretary said on Monday that Britain is seriously concerned about its use of Huawei equipment however, it is confident to strike a trade deal with the United States after it leaves the European Union.

U.S officials in the past have hinted that future trade talks are likely to be affected by Britain’s last month decision to allow Huawei a restricted role in the country’s 5G mobile network. This decision frustrated the United States as it was bidding globally to exclude the telecommunication firm from the next generation communications systems of the West.

Dominic Raab, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs said in response to a question regarding the issue that the country has listened and taken its ally, American concerns very seriously.

During Raab’s visit to Singapore, he said that they are rationally confident that they can indulge in a free trade agreement with the United States right after Brexit and its first wave of trade deals. After the conversation about Huawei, we all recognized the market failure to provide telecoms infrastructure by high-trust vendors that is prevailing currently.

One month ago, Britain said that the involvement of high risk vendors in the non-sensitive parts of 5G mobile network would cap at 35% , including Huawei therefore, excluding the company would have resulted in delayed 5G services and would have also costed consumers more.

Nonetheless, some of the senior members of Boris Johnson, Prime Minister’s conservatives have ordered that Huawei should not be offered any role.

Raab said that Britain is discussing with America, Canada, Australia, and others regarding the future technological innovations that could potentially challenge Huawei’s supremacy in the field.

He added that the quicker they built up their pool of high trust vendors, the lesser dependent they will be on the high-risk vendors.

Raab is visiting Asia to pursue free trade deals after Brexit and he is expecting Singapore to be present in during the first wave of trade deals post Brexit.