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Britain’s Prime Minister is Expected to Soon Decide on Huawei

  23 Jan 2020        Business
Britain’s Prime Minister is Expected to Soon Decide on Huawei

Britain is going to soon decide on China’s Huawei’s role in the 5G telecommunications network. Andrea Leadsom said on Thursday that however, there are very limited number of alternative options. Ideally there should have been more providers to deliver the infrastructure equivalent to what Huawei provides but the options are limited. UK government is carefully considering the issue right now and is expected to declare a final decision very soon.

She added that the process is ongoing as there are numerous sorts of factors that have to be taken into consideration for instance, the availability of other providers, the work that Huawei had done in the United Kingdom in the past, and many other discussions.

Huawei, the world’s largest telecom equipment producer is currently under strict scrutiny as the United States had imposed allegation on the company and told its allies that Huawei might be a vehicle for Chinese spy operations.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of United Kingdom is expected to decide shortly on the matter, the decision is likely to shape the governments succeeding relationship with the United States just as the United Kingdom is preparing to exit the European Union on January 31.

United States feared that the dominance and advantage global leader China’s 5G would have over any country in the world.

Leadsom said that they have close mutual relationship with the United States as they share numerous information and views so it is not surprising to see us being dependent on the United States to come and share the issues that could potentially affect all of us from a perspective of security. They are concerned about protecting national security interest.