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Cruise by GM Launches Prototype of Self-Driven Vehicle for Rise Sharing Service

  22 Jan 2020        Business
Cruise by GM Launches Prototype of Self-Driven Vehicle for Rise Sharing Service

Cruise, General Motor Co’s auto driving car unit on Tuesday launched its prototype self-driving vehicle with no pedals or steering wheels for its planned self-governing ride-sharing service. The vehicle labeled as “Cruise Origin” was engineered with Honda Motor Co Ltd.

Honda Motor Co Ltd took a minority of Cruise’s stake in 2018 so as to catch up with other rivals to develop a technology with huge risks and costs and with no actual market ready products.

Dan Ammann, Chief Executive Officer of Cruise commented that the automated vehicle will only be utilized for the company’s personal ride-hailing services however it was not mentioned when will it launch commercial vehicles as its competitors Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies. The electric vehicle resembled a large SUV and had large sliding doors on each side.

Cruise valued at $19 billion during May. In July it extended its plans of launching a commercial robotic taxi service by 2019. It is still not authorized by California regulators to test robotic cars without a safety driver.

Waymo, Alphabet Inc.’s company is the only one to receive grants of testing without a driver. Even though car makers across the globe are thriving to develop robotic vehicles, the trend in technology is yet to gain global acceptance by consumers as recent casualties related to these vehicles are making customers uncertain about the vehicle’s readiness for commercialization.

Ammann told the reporters that they are working on something that will be one of its kind hence, the timeline cannot be certainly decided but they are progressing quickly. The details of the manufacturing location of prototype will be declared in a few more days.

Cruise is not the only company that is dedicated on creating vehicles that can operate on their own, companies such as May Mobility and Navya are also intended to create vehicles for rise sharing.