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Facebook to Regulate Content Under its News Policy for 2020 Elections

  07 Jan 2020        Technology
Facebook to Regulate Content Under its News Policy for 2020 Elections

Ahead of the U.S. presidential election with an aim to curb misinformation, Facebook Inc. has said that they will be removing manipulated videos and other deep-fakes that have been edited from the platform, however, they will not remove parody or satire content.

They will also remove misleading media content including AI generates which only merges, superimposes, or replaces content on to a video, said the company in a blogpost dated Jan.6. It further detailed that the policy does not extend to parody or satire content or video that has been edited to change the order of words.

California-based company also said that as part of its new policy, they will not remove the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’ heavily edited video.

In a statement, the company has stated that the doctored video of Speaker Pelosi would not be removed as it does not fulfil the standards of the new policy. The only videos that will be taken down will be of people saying fictional things that are generated and depicted by artificial intelligence.

They added that, after the video of Speaker Pelosi was rated by a third-party fact-checker they reduced its distribution, and the people tried to share it received warnings that it was false.

Social media platforms have been under increasing pressure for the U.S. presidential election in November 2020, to tackle the deep-fakes that are generated using artificial intelligence. It creates a hyper-realistic video where a person appears to say or do something they did not.

The company has received rising scrutiny and criticism from different spectrums for its content policies. Democrats on the other hand have blasted them as they have refused to fact-check political advertisements. They have also been accused of discriminating against conservative views from Republicans, but the charge has been denied.