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Halo Labs Partners with ilo Vapor to Introduce Cannabinoid Consumption Measuring Products

  19 Aug 2019        Health
Halo Labs Partners with ilo Vapor to Introduce Cannabinoid Consumption Measuring Products

Halo Labs, a Canada-based manufacturer of cannabis oil and concentrates, has announced its partnership with ilo Vapor, a Canadian company that engineers vaporization technology solutions. The collaboration is focused on launching alternative wellness brand Levätä, which will use DabTabs technology for coming up with a distinctive measured dose cannabinoid consumption solution. Levätä cannabinoid dosables will help consumers in accurately measuring and controlling their cannabinoid consumption. They are infused with exact percentages of botanically-derived terpenes, and cannabinoid. Custom made for DabTabs dosables, a vape pen-styled device will also feature in the Levätä line.

“For us, the cannabinoid market is becoming a bigger focus. We’re thrilled to offer the Levätä collection as we aim for diversifying and strengthening our revenue base with the help of the sale of innovative cannabinoid products,” said CEO of Halo Labs, Kiran Sidhu.

Sales of Levätä line expected to begin in October 2019

“Consumers of cannabinoid products are increasingly becoming passionate about cannabinoid’s wellness benefits. The first of several strategic moves for introducing clean, true vaporization into this developing wellness space is the ability to merge DabTabs dosables, our flagship product, with cannabinoid. We’re excited to work with Halo for expanding our DabTabs technology’s reach,” said CEO of ilo Vapor, Michael Lindars.

According to Halo Labs, sales of the Levätä collection to retailers are expected to begin in October this year. The company will bank on its direct sales force in Nevada and California in the US and Oregon in Canada for the sales of Levätä. It intends to partner with large cannabis peripherals distributors in Europe and the US and make use of online retail marketplaces for increasing Levätä sales.

Launch of Levätä cannabinoid dosables is looked upon as an effort to help standardize dosing in an expanding industry such as cannabinoid. Sources say cannabinoid consumers can use the dosables and rely on its volumetric accuracy to measure their consumption precisely through accurate dosing.