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Intel to Pursue Tech Talent with its Smart Building Project

  05 Feb 2020        Technology
Intel to Pursue Tech Talent with its Smart Building Project

Intel Corporation is extensively investing in constructing “smart buildings” that will be including perks to keep the employees satisfied in Israel.

Intel is among the biggest exporters and employers in Israel. In 2019, the tech giant said that it would likely invest $11 billion to set up a manufacturing facility in the country as some of the highly advanced technologies have been invented here.

Israel has been home to startups per capita more than any other nation owing to its advanced government and military support but the country is currently suffering from a shortage of talent. Multinationals such as Google, Apple, and Intel have eagerly bought local startups and established research centers thus, the competition is making it harder to scout for skilled workers.

According to a non-profit research organization, Start-Up National Central, the tech companies in Israel in 2018 were unsuccessful in hiring people for about 17,000 positions and that figures continues to climb even now.

Intel has decided to address this gap and lure talent by upgrading its new development center in Petah Tikva, suburbs of Tel Aviv. The center will be teemed with 14,000 sensors to monitor motion, air, and light for making workers comfortable along with a massage parlor, smart gym, and environment-friendly systems. If these perks happen to provide edge to Intel in hiring, rival companies are likely to follow the suit.

Israeli media reported that apparently the development center cost $188 million (650 million shekels) but the company has declined to comment. The building is box shaped, has 10 floors, is covered in glass, and will accommodate 2,700 workforce.