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Johnson & Johnson are Actively Working towards Developing Vaccine against Coronavirus

  30 Jan 2020        
Johnson & Johnson are Actively Working towards Developing Vaccine against Coronavirus

Johnson and Johnson, the drug maker giant on Wednesday declared that it is working hard to make a potential preventive vaccine to cure coronavirus. They have initiated developing the vaccine which has already killed 170 people globally. Health authorities across the world are racing to control the outbreak.

The drug maker has said that it will be utilizing the same technologies for the vaccine program that they utilized while making its experimental Ebola vaccine. The Ebola vaccine is presently being rendered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

Three different research teams are sponsored by a global alliance that is set up to fight this epidemic disease. They had started working on developing the potential vaccine against the new coronavirus last week.

The research is going to be conducted by drug developers Inovio Pharma, Moderna, and a crew at the University of Queensland in Australia. Last week Gilead Sciences said that it was evaluating if whether their experimental Ebola treatment can be used against the coronavirus.

Johnson & Johnson also announced that it has donated Prezcobix, its HIV drug to China so that they can use it to research and find a cure against the outbreak.

British Airways have suspended flights to China since death from the new virus has leapt to 170. Whereas, Japan and The United States have evacuated their citizens from the quarantined city, Wuhan.

The government economist predicts this epidemic to majorly impact the economy.

The epidemic disease leads to respiratory illness, few of which can be serious and life threatening such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.