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Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Sneakers Goes out of Stock within Minutes

  24 Dec 2019        Entertainment
Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Sneakers Goes out of Stock within Minutes

Colin Kaepernick may be exiled from the National Football League but his collaboration with Nike has grown with the launch of Air Force 1 '07 x Colin Kaepernick. The sneaker was an instant hit among the customers of Nike, rocketing up the sales soon after its launch.

The shoes are no longer available in North America at Nike stores, SNKRS, and select retailers. They were sold out in all kids as well as adult sizes in few minutes. These shoes bear a portrait of the former NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, on the heel tab and his personal logo on the shoe tongue. As per sources, Nike is refusing to disclose the sales figures.

Nike Aims to Design an AF1 that Connects to the Collaborators’ Personal Life

"This Air Force 1 season, Nike teamed up with a group of collaborators to design an AF1 that relates to their life in person. Colin was selected because we think that his voice and perspective motivate many generations while he is playing on the field as well as personally," remarked Nike.

The collaboration comes after a year when Nike released an advertising campaign presenting Kaepernick, who started his protest against racial injustices and kneeled during the national anthem, initiating a controversy across the US.

Release of Air Max 1 Trainers Called Off During Summer

During the summer, Nike agreed not to disclose its Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July shoe, due to the concerns from Kaepernick. He told the company that the shoes featured an old version of the American flag with 13 white stars in a circle, which represented slavery and white supremacy.

Nike is a key business partner of the NFL, making it difficult sometimes, taking into consideration the company's strong ties with the controversial player, Kaepernick. In November, the league arranged a workout for the quarterback that attracted huge interest of the media but less immediate attention from the National Football League teams that sent some representatives to observe.