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Nvidia’s New G-SYNC® Displays Takes Gaming Experience to the Next Level

  06 Jan 2020        Technology
Nvidia’s New G-SYNC® Displays Takes Gaming Experience to the Next Level

Taking the world of competitive gaming forward, Nvidia, a computer technology company, has recently unveiled new G-SYNC® displays that deliver 360Hz refresh rates, thus offering the fastest gaming displays to the competitive gamers and esports enthusiasts. At 360Hz, game frames are put on view once every 2.8ms—up to 6 times faster than the usual gaming displays and TVs.

G-Sync Display in Conjunction with Asus

According to sources, this new G-Sync will be launched in the market first through a partnership with Asus, through the Asus ROG Swift 360 monitor, which will get released at this week’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The display pairs well with GeForce® RTX®, which is the fastest gaming GPUs in the world, to take competitive gaming experience to a new level. The display will offer refresh rates that translate to below 3 ms of input latency, available on a 24.5-inch fully HD display.

Surge in the Number of Esports and Competitive Gamers

The esports and competitive gaming players are continuously expanding at an astonishing rate. As per sources, esports viewership has spurred too, with over 450M players tuning in to view competitive games played in real time.

Nvidia G-Sync to Spur Gaming and Innovation

Nvidia G-Sync, initially launched in the year 2013, is popularly recognized for its new Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology that synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the frame rate of the GPU, so as to obtain enhanced performance. Since its first appearance, Nvidia has remained dedicated to improving G-Sync and adding new features for esports players and professionals’ usage to ensure rapid reaction time and better target acquisition.

Asus ROG Swift 360 Monitor to be Launched Soon

The Asus ROG Swift 360 monitor will be launched later this year, pricing still remaining hidden, sources say. However, it is most likely to be greater than the average gaming monitor, taking into consideration its advanced performance features and esports target market.