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Tesla Retrieved 15,000 Model X SUVs Issuing Power Steering Complications

  13 Feb 2020        Business
Tesla Retrieved 15,000 Model X SUVs Issuing Power Steering Complications

 Tesla Inc. has announced that it will be retrieving 15,000 model X SUVs as there could be a potential problem that can result in loss of power steering assist, which will then make the steering harder and aggravate the chances of a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Transport Canada said that the aluminum bolts securing the gear housing to electric power steering gear motor are likely to tarnish and break, resulting in reduced or complete loss of power steering assist.

The retrieve is applicable to model X vehicles manufactured in 2016. Tesla declared that the vehicles being retrieved are majorly Model X vehicles that were built prior mid-October 2016 however, the action does not include any vehicles manufactured after that date.

Tesla had issued a similar recall during March 2018, where it retrieved 123,000 Model S vehicles from across the globe that were built before April 2016. The recall was for reconstituting motor bolts.

NHTSA announced that there had not been any known injuries or crashes affiliated with Model X recall. The retrieve includes 14,193 U.S. vehicles and 843 in Canada.

Transport Canada said that Tesla is going to replace the mounting bolts along with replacing steering gear if it requires.

Tesla mentioned that it has discovered extreme corrosion on the bolts that secure the component to the steering gear in all the affected Model X vehicles. This is experienced majorly in areas with harsh cold climates that utilized road salts.

It further said that if the bolts somehow fail then additional force would be required to turn the steering wheel, primarily during low speed parking maneuvers.

Tesla denied being aware of any collisions and injuries related to the power steering component. It has granted its drivers to continue operating their Model X SUVs till the issue is addressed.