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Untangle shakes hand with SINT Technology, Expands Global Reach

  04 Feb 2020        Business
Untangle shakes hand with SINT Technology, Expands Global Reach

Untangle® Inc., a US-based network software and appliance company, recently partnered with SINT Technology to expand its global reach. This collaboration offers small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises in Australia local access as well as pricing to the full suite of security solutions of Untangle.

While speaking on the occasion, Vice President of Sales at Untangle, Abi Vickram, uttered, “It is great to have SINT on board as a distributor for the Untangle team in Australia. Wide-ranging experience in technology distribution and extensive understanding of the local channel landscape of SINT makes the firm an ideal distribution partner for us. SINT has deep knowledge of cyber security requirements and takes the lead in technology support. The firm’s competence in managing increased cloud and IoT adoption keeps on setting technology adoption and integration standards echoed in the industry.”

MSPs and Direct Customers to Gain Access to Purchase Hardware Locally

MSPs and direct customers can make purchase of hardware and software locally, forgoing any pricing variations that can take place in the market, obtain access to local support, and make sure that Untangle stays a budget-friendly and enterprise-grade solution for the end users.

Jason Drew, CEO of SINT, posited, “Vast research into several vendors was done prior to this decision of partnering with Untangle. Guaranteed appliance security and device flexibility were a requisite.” “Due to the fast and ever changing IT industry, there is a need for a manufacturing partner to reflect a positive attitude towards support and development and a dedication to the development community. We are happy to team up with a manufacturer who fulfils and goes beyond all our expectations,” added Drew.

Partnership to strengthen Untangle’s Commitment to Support SMBs and Organizations

This team work strengthens Untangle’s commitment to support small-to-medium businesses and enterprises against cyber-attacks. The largest threats MSPs are likely to confront in the year 2020 are ransomware (46%) and phishing (25%), as per the recent Voice of the Channel report. Expanding the support and availability of Untangle’s Network Security Framework enables SINT to provide assistance to the local MSPs as they work with clients to enhance network security.