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WHO Initiates a Joint Mission to Start Investigating Coronavirus and its Outbreak

  17 Feb 2020        Health
WHO Initiates a Joint Mission to Start Investigating Coronavirus and its Outbreak

WHO director general said on Friday that WHO led mission will initiate the investigation in China about the outbreak of coronavirus with focus on its spread and its severity. 

The joint team constitutes of 12 international and Chinese members that will seek details on when, how, and where the 1,700 infected workers contracted the virus from. 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO chief from Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo said that they are expecting the whole team to touch down by the weekend. 

He added that the goal of the joined mission is to swiftly inform the further steps in response and preparedness of CODVID-19 in China and globally. He said this in reference to the medical name given to the acute respiratory disease cause by the virus. Special attention will be given to understand the communication of the virus, seriousness of the disease, and the effects of ongoing response measures. 

Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO’s health emergencies program’s executive director said that he believed that WHO led team will include U.S. health officials. 

The highly regarded technical experts of U.S.A Centers for Disease Control have voiced interest in participating. 

Japan is one of the most affected countries in China.

On Friday, Chinese authorities have announced 5,090 new cases in China mainland, inclusive of more than 120 deaths summing the total number of infected to 63,851 and the count of deaths from the COVID-19 to 1,380. 

The infections among health workers in a released data by China depicts 1,716 reported cases and 6 deaths.