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WHO States Mysterious Virus of China as Cause of Pneumonia Outbreak in China

  10 Jan 2020        Health
WHO States Mysterious Virus of China as Cause of Pneumonia Outbreak in China

The World Health Organisation stated on Wednesday, that more than 50 pneumonia cases reported in central Chinese city of Wuhan might be the result of a new coronavirus, which belongs to the same family as the deadly SARS and MERS diseases. However, the Union National Health Agency did not confirm the exact type of virus that has caused this mysterious outbreak as it requires extensive details and research.

On Thursday, a report that was broadcasted on China Central Television announced that 15 people were diagnosed positive for the new coronavirus that started in late December. A member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Jianguo said that one of the affected patient underwent a specific genome sequencing.

The research stated that the outbreak might have emerged from food markets, especially animals and seafood. This means that the new coronavirus might have transmitted from animals to humans. The WHO confirmed the details and have praised their efforts.

Though no one has been killed due to this new virus, however out of more than 50 patients, seven patients have fell seriously ill.

Coronavirus can cause minor as well as major infections from common cold to even Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

A Chinese Transport Ministry’s Chief Engineer, Wang Yang stated that in order to control the outbreak from spreading, serious majors will be taken including disinfection in public transportation.

As of now, the affected patients are being treated and are in isolation, simultaneously WHO and the Chinese Investigators continue with their further research.