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High Frequency Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market : USA with 45% Market Share and Followed by China, Japan, South Korea, about 23% 13%, 10% - QY Research

  By QY Research          31 Mar 2020   Electronics & Semiconductor        

High Frequency Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market : USA with 45% Market Share and Followed by China, Japan, South Korea, about 23% 13%, 10% - QY Research

High-Frequency PCB refers to the special electromagnetic frequency circuit board, used in high frequency (greater than 300 MHZ frequency or wavelength is less than 1 meter) and microwave (greater than 3 GHZ frequency or wavelength is less than 0.1 meters) in the field of PCB, is on the microwave base copper clad using common rigid circuit board manufacturing method of a part of the process or the use of special processing methods and the production of circuit boards.

Type by Baseplate Material

  • PTFE
  • Non-PTFE

PTFE is a PCB medium. The advantages are small loss, low dielectric constant, good consistency, stable chemical properties, almost no moisture absorption. PTFE is usually used for 20GHZ and above products. It is often used in demanding RF and microwave circuits.

Non-PTFE PCB includes hydrocarbon resin, modified special resin, etc. (BT, CE, PPE, PI, EP…) The price of non-PTFE is relatively favorable, which is mainly used for below 6GHZ.

The major PTFE player in the market

  • Rogers           RO3000 Series, RT Series
  • Taconic          TLX Series, TLY Series
  • Epec
  • Panasonic          R4737
  • Sytech           SCGA-500 Series

The major Non-PTFE player in the market

  • Arlon
  • Isola         Giver410, Durave-CE-Cu, Duramid-CE-Cu
  • Nelco         N4000 Series
  • Hitach        LX-67
  • Panasonic       R4726
  • Sytech       LNB33, S7136H, AeroWave 300

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High frequency PCB is mainly applied in military (surveillance and uav positioning technology), radar, guidance, aerospace (radio astronomy technology), clinical radio surgical cancer treatment technology and other fields.

High frequency communication has developed rapidly in the field of commercial High frequency applications. As the spectrum of wireless communications expands, commercial High frequency applications are growing rapidly and moving towards higher frequencies. Rogers, the leader of global PTFE high frequency substrates with 45% share, currently accounts for 41% in communications, 20% in military industry, 20% in automobiles, 7% in consumer electronics, etc.

Based on market size, 5G communications?cloud computing and auto collision avoidance radar are the two applications with great potential for high-frequency and high-speed applications in the future, while the consumer electronics and IOT markets are also worthy of expectation. The overall market capacity is expected to expand several times.

Figure 1: Global PCB Value of Downstream Sectors: 2019 (US$ Million)


Source: Industry Experts;

Figure 2: Global Number of 5G Macco Site (K Units), Market Forecast


Source: Industry Experts; News; Annual reports;

The US accounts for about 45% of the market. In the past two years, China's high-frequency PCB industry has developed rapidly, accounting for about 23% of the market share. Followed by Japan, South Korea, about 13%, 10%.

Figure 3: Global High frequency PCB Market Share by Region in 2019


Source: Industry Experts; News; Annual reports;

China is the fastest-growing country, with an average growth rate of more than 30%. High-frequency PCBs cost about $120-430 each, with PTFE two to four times more expensive than non-PTFE.

Figure 4: Rogers ‘s Quarterly Revenue in 2018 & 2019, US$ Mn


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