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Extensive Use in Automobile Industry to Boost Global Metallic Oil Paint Market

  By QY Research          12 Dec 2019   Chemical & Materials        

Extensive Use in Automobile Industry to Boost Global Metallic Oil Paint Market

QY Research has recently published a report titled, “Global (United States, European Union and China) Metallic Oil Paint Market Research Report 2019-2025”, according to the report, the global market was worth US$ 8.2 Bn by 2018 and is expected to reach US$  10 Bn by the end of 2025, registering a CAGR of 2.9 during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

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Ability to Reflect more Light and Provide Glossy Auto Finish to Boost the Market

Metallic paint is extensively used due to its ability to contour bodywork of any object. It creates a metallic surface with the help of small metal flakes that mimic the sparkling effect. The reflectivity and size of flakes determine the difference of reflected light on the object.

Modern evolved techniques have improved the pigment and texture. Metallic paints incorporate acrylic polyurethane top coat to provide extra gloss and protection. The visual sensation of metallic shine is highly demanded for aesthetic reasons. Manufacturers decide the size and shape of added metals according to the demand. It is preferred over basic paint colours due to its incident light reflection capabilities. It possess the ability to hide minor damages more effectively than solid paints.

Metallic oil paints are used in automobiles the most due to its ideal particle size and weight. Metallic oil painting is used to paint steel buildings as it improves the resistance of steel and provides protective coating. It helps in heat reduction and saves energy costs while prolonging its life.

Ease of Application to Boost Construction Segment

The construction segment to augment during the forecast period as metallic oil painting helps in protecting the surface from factors such as solar radiation, rain, insects, and other things. It is waterproof and improves the visual appeal of the surface. It also aids in increasing surface durability.

China to Lead the Market as it is the Largest Exporter in the World

China is expected to lead the global metallic oil paint market as it is the leading manufacturer of global automobile industry. China is also the leading region of construction industry.

Sherwin-William Launches New Colour Collection

Sherwin-Williams has recently launched new colour collection in its paint palettes that is known as ColorSnap. This new palette is personalized to provide exceptional results. The company also has colour tool that is technologically advanced to scan décor or furniture to match with the colour scheme.

The key players operating in the global (United States, European Union, and China) market are Zhongshan Binqisi, Shanghai Sanyin, Asia Paint, Tianjin Lions, Shanghai Kinlita, Plascon, UreKem, Coprabel, Meoded, Crescent Bronze, and Sherwin-Williams.

Table of Contents

1 Report Overview

1.1 Research Scope

1.2 Major Manufacturers Covered in This Report

1.3 Market Segment by Type

1.3.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Market Size Growth Rate by Type (2019-2025)

1.3.2 Solvent Based

1.3.3 Water Based

1.4 Market Segment by Application

1.4.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Market Share by Application (2019-2025)

1.4.2 Automobile

1.4.3 Construction

1.4.4 Furniture

1.4.5 Others

1.5 Study Objectives

1.6 Years Considered

2 Global Growth Trends

2.1 Production and Capacity Analysis

2.2 Key Producers Growth Rate (CAGR) 2019-2025

2.2.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Market Size CAGR of Key Regions

2.2.2 Global Metallic Oil Paint Market Share of Key Regions

2.3 Industry Trends

2.3.1 Market Top Trends

2.3.2 Market Drivers

3 Market Share by Manufacturers

3.1 Capacity and Production by Manufacturers

3.3 Metallic Oil Paint Price by Manufacturers

3.4 Key Manufacturers Metallic Oil Paint Plants/Factories Distribution and Area Served

3.5 Date of Key Manufacturers Enter into Metallic Oil Paint Market

3.6 Key Manufacturers Metallic Oil Paint Product Offered

3.7 Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion Plans

4 Market Size by Type

4.1 Production and Production Value for Each Type

4.2 Global Metallic Oil Paint Production Market Share by Type

4.3 Global Metallic Oil Paint Production Value Market Share by Type

4.4 Metallic Oil Paint Ex-factory Price by Type

5 Market Size by Application

5.1 Overview

5.2 Global Metallic Oil Paint Consumption by Application

6 Production by Regions

6.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Production (History Data) by Regions 2014-2019

6.2 Global Metallic Oil Paint Production Value (History Data) by Regions

6.3 United States

6.4 European Union

6.5 China

6.6 Rest of World

7 Metallic Oil Paint Consumption by Regions

7.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Consumption (History Data) by Regions

7.2 United States

7.3 European Union

7.4 China

7.5 Rest of World

8 Company Profiles

8.1 Sherwin-Williams

8.1.1 Sherwin-Williams Company Details

8.1.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.1.3 Production and Revenue of Sherwin-Williams

8.1.4 Metallic Oil Paint Product Introduction

8.1.5 Sherwin-Williams Recent Development

8.2 AkzoNobel

8.2.1 AkzoNobel Company Details

8.2.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.2.3 Production and Revenue of AkzoNobel

8.2.4 AkzoNobel Product Introduction

8.2.5 AkzoNobel Recent Development

8.3 Nippon Paint

8.3.1 Nippon Paint Company Details

8.3.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.3.3 Production and Revenue of Nippon Paint

8.3.4 Nippon Paint Product Introduction

8.3.5 Nippon Paint Recent Development

8.4 RPM International

8.4.1 RPM International Company Details

8.4.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.4.3 Production and Revenue of RPM International

8.4.4 RPM International Product Introduction

8.4.5 RPM International Recent Development

8.5 BASF

8.5.1 BASF Company Details

8.5.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.5.3 Production and Revenue of BASF

8.5.4 BASF Product Introduction

8.5.5 BASF Recent Development

8.6 PPG

8.6.1 PPG Company Details

8.6.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.6.3 Production and Revenue of PPG

8.6.4 PPG Product Introduction

8.6.5 PPG Recent Development

8.7 Hempel

8.7.1 Hempel Company Details

8.7.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.7.3 Production and Revenue of Hempel

8.7.4 Hempel Product Introduction

8.7.5 Hempel Recent Development

8.8 US Paint

8.8.1 US Paint Company Details

8.8.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.8.3 Production and Revenue of US Paint

8.8.4 US Paint Product Introduction

8.8.5 US Paint Recent Development

8.9 Blackfriar Paints

8.9.1 Blackfriar Paints Company Details

8.9.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.9.3 Production and Revenue of Blackfriar Paints

8.9.4 Blackfriar Paints Product Introduction

8.9.5 Blackfriar Paints Recent Development

8.10 Faux Effects

8.10.1 Faux Effects Company Details

8.10.2 Company Description and Business Overview

8.10.3 Production and Revenue of Faux Effects

8.10.4 Faux Effects Product Introduction

8.10.5 Faux Effects Recent Development

8.11 Crescent Bronze

8.12 Meoded

8.13 Coprabel

8.14 UreKem

8.15 Plascon

8.16 Shanghai Kinlita

8.17 Tianjin Lions

8.18 Asia Paint

8.19 Shanghai Sanyin

8.20 Zhongshan Binqisi

9 Market Forecast

9.1 Global Market Size Forecast

9.1.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Capacity, Production Forecast 2019-2025

9.1.2 Global Metallic Oil Paint Production Value Forecast 2019-2025

9.2 Market Forecast by Regions

9.2.1 Global Metallic Oil Paint Production and Value Forecast by Regions 2019-2025

9.2.2 Global Metallic Oil Paint Consumption Forecast by Regions 2019-2025

9.3 United States

9.3.1 Production and Value Forecast in United States

9.3.2 Consumption Forecast in United States

9.4 European Union

9.4.1 Production and Value Forecast in European Union

9.4.2 Consumption Forecast in European Union

9.5 China

9.5.1 Production and Value Forecast in China

9.5.2 Consumption Forecast in China

9.6 Rest of World

9.6.1 Japan

9.6.2 Korea

9.6.3 India

9.6.4 Southeast Asia

9.7 Forecast by Type

9.8 Consumption Forecast by Application

10 Value Chain and Sales Channels Analysis

10.1 Value Chain Analysis

10.2 Sales Channels Analysis

10.3 Metallic Oil Paint Customers

11 Opportunities & Challenges, Threat and Affecting Factors

11.1 Market Opportunities

11.2 Market Challenges

11.3 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

12 Key Findings

13 Appendix

13.1 Research Methodology

13.2 Author Details

13.3 Disclaimer

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