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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy and related privacy notices shared here are applicable for the whole website, which is owned and operated by Global Research Wire.

Use of Personal or Corporate Information


Global Research Wire values the trust that clients have shown in our online press release distribution service. Our people also deeply respect the specific privacy concerns that potential clients have, when opting for our newswire service. The privacy policy presented here includes details about how we collect information about our clients, the type of corporate or personal information we collect, and the entities we share the information with. Clients purchasing our products and services may be required to provide their payment information, email address, phone number, billing or office address, and other contact information. We may use cookies or session cookies to collect information on our website.

Personal or corporate information of clients will be used to communicate about special offers, discounts, promotions, and most importantly, new and existing products and services. Furthermore, any changes in our terms and policies will be communicated using the contact information clients share with us. Client information may also be used to enhance user experience on our press release distribution platform. If a recognized law enforcement agency requests details about a particular client for conducting specific legal proceedings, we would need to offer them our full support.

Sharing of Client Details


We only collect category information, featured and other images (if required), and textual content of press releases to be published or distributed on or through our platform. Since press releases and their related properties will be submitted by their authors, originators, or owners, we do not take responsibility of the personal information of the author, companies involved, and any other entity shared along with the content. However, we do assure that our service does not share any client information with any organization or a third party. Clients can choose to stop communication with our service by simply notifying us via phone or email.

Please feel free to contact us if you observe at any given point of time that our service is not complying with the privacy policy stated here.