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We consider your acceptance of our terms and conditions along with our guidelines, procedures, and policies once you sign up for our online press release distribution service. Please note that our terms and conditions could change in future, and you are required to accept them to continue using our service. We will certainly notify you about any changes or amendments to our terms and conditions. If you continue to use our service, we would consider that you have accepted our updated terms and conditions. You can send us a request to terminate your membership if you don’t wish to agree with any modifications in our terms and conditions.

As per our policy, users of our online press release distribution service are required to take complete responsibility of all the activities performed using their accounts as well as the security of their accounts. You must not add deceptive keywords or make illicit use of keywords in your content, or use words to take advantage of the reputation or identity of other entities for your benefit. We hold the authority to remove any such keywords or description from your content, or make changes to them, if required.

Use of our platform for promotion of unlawful activities or performing illegal activities will lead to the termination of your membership. We may even be required to report you to relevant authorities in such cases. If you find that your account is being misused or has been compromised, you should immediately notify us through email or phone. We will not be responsible for any kind of damage that you suffer due to such activities. Once you post your content on our website, you become fully responsible for the content and the outcomes, whether good or bad, resulting from it. This applies for any type of content you post on our website, viz. computer software, audio or video files, images, and texts.

Please note that you warrant and represent the following when you post your content on our website.


You have received from your employer a waiver to all rights to or in the content or permission to make available or post the content. This applies to a situation where your employer secures the rights to all intellectual properties you create

Property rights of any third party, including but not limited to trade secret, trademark, and patent rights or copyrights, will not be infringed with the use, copying, or downloading of the content

You have thoroughly met all requirements for successfully passing through any relevant end user terms, and have completely conformed to all content-related third-party licenses

Your content does not install or carry any form of harmful software, malwares, computer worms, or viruses

We do not take responsibility of the content published or available or its use on web pages and websites that our service links to. We also do not endorse them. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any damage caused to you because of them or their content. If you wish to terminate the scheduling or reviewing of your press release submissions on such websites, you can contact our customer support team or send a request to our official email address. We will process such requests free of cost and during normal office hours.